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Q and A With Amilee Sanders - Shrimp and Grits Kids Hostess

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At Shrimp and Grits Kids, our Rep and Hostess Program is more than just a way to share our beloved children's clothing; it's a vibrant community where kids fashion meets meaningful connections. Through this program, our reps and hostesses not only introduce families to our charming kids collections but also build lasting relationships and create special moments.

This is our second Q and A with one of our amazing reps. Dive into the stories and insights from our dedicated team members as they share their journey, experiences, and the joy of being part of Shrimp and Grits Kids.

What inspired you to become a rep/ hostess for Shrimp and Grits Kids, and how did you begin your journey with the company?

I’ve always loved their clothes and loved that I could earn store credit for orders.

Can you describe your role as a rep/ hostess? What are your primary responsibilities and day-to-day activities?

I work for Home Office as the rep/hostess team educator. I serve kind of as a liaison between affiliates and home office. Because I’m also a rep, I’m able to bridge the gap. I can help bring ideas to home office and also supply affiliates with sizing advice and make videos that answer questions. When new pop-ups arrive, I make collages, provide try-on pics, and answer any questions that affiliates have.

How do you engage and connect with customers during trunk shows or through social media?

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Online trunk shows are a great way to draw in new customers! We are provided with tons of great graphics in Dropbox. There are also prompts with verbiage so it’s super easy to put together. I do gift card drawings and provide a lot of try-on pics. As a rep, I want to give my customers a reason to shop with me. By providing pics, staying up to date on all the releases, and offering incentives, it helps my customers know I’m reliable.

What strategies do you find most effective for promoting the clothing?

Staying up to date on all the releases, posting when there’s a promo, gift card promotions, and try-on pics

What kind of training and support does Shrimp and Grits Kids provide to help you succeed?

Pics, videos, verbiage, handbooks

What is your favorite part about being a rep/ hostess for Shrimp and Grits Kids?

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I enjoy being a Sales Rep because I love the clothes, it helps our family out financially, and I enjoy meeting new people through selling.

Is there a particular moment or success story that stands out to you?

By selling through Shrimp and Grits Kids, we were able to raise money to adopt our little girl. It’s been a true blessing to our family!

Do you have any tips for new reps/ hostesses facing similar challenges?

Keep posting!

Can you share an example of how these relationships have contributed to your success?

I love the friendships I’ve made. I was paired with a hostess who lives about 45 minutes away. Through talking with her and having her over for trunk shows, we became friends. She and her husband had previously gone through the adoption process, and she was such an encouragement to us when we adopted. She and her family even came to our church for our daughter’s dedication.

I also have enjoyed getting to know the Home Office team. I love how Shrimp and Grits is cheering people on in so many different avenues.

Join Our Family of Reps and Hostesses

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Feeling inspired by the stories of our reps and hostesses? Our program offers a unique opportunity to engage with a community that values style, connection, and making a difference in families' lives.

Whether you're looking to contribute financially to your family, meet new people, or because you love our clothing, becoming a Shrimp and Grits Kids rep or hostess might be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about our program and how you can become part of our growing family by visiting our Rep and Hostess Program page.

Together, let's spread the joy of Shrimp and Grits Kids one adorable outfit at a time.

Read the first Rep and Hostess Program Q and A with Jennifer Stevens and follow along as we have more!

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