Shrimp & Grits Kids clothing is designed to bring happiness to children through colorful patterns and timeless quality that allow them to feel free to play, explore, and imagine a world of creativity and fun!

To bring this magic to life, Shrimp & Grits Kids gives customers the opportunity to host Trunk Show Parties, in-home shopping events that feature the current collections of our classic and whimsical designs. Learn how to become a Host and receive rewards! Join us!

Getting Started

At Shrimp & Grits Kids, our team includes Sales Reps and Hosts who share our love for beautiful children’s clothing with customers throughout the nation.

Each season, our Sales Reps receive a Trunk filled with all the sweet pieces from the season’s clothing line. Our Hosts excitedly contact their Sales Reps to schedule a date to host a Trunk Show Party…and the magic begins!

Host A Trunk Show Party

Shrimp and Grits Kids Trunk Show Parties are hosted by Hosts and facilitated by Sales Reps. These parties are fun and enjoyable events where you, your friends, and your children can spend time togther laughing, twirling, and finding the perfect outfits that bring you and joy put smiles on little faces!

Your role as a Host at a Trunk Show Party is to introduce your customers to our brand and to help them discover their favorite pieces of our current collections. Your Sales Rep will be an expert in value, fit and styling, sharing all the ways that your customers can mix and match our clothing finding the perfect fit at affordable prices.

Exclusive Perks For Hosts

Hosts earn the perks of free shipping, gift cards, and an exclusive invitation to a 40% off sale for Hosts and Sales Reps!

During the season, for each order they place for themselves and their customers, Hosts earn gift cards that can used at any time and never expire.

 Gift Cards Earned Scale    
 Sales  On FULL price items  On Sale price items
 $0-$1000   10%   7.5%
 $1000-$3000   15%   7.5%
 $3000 and up   17%   7.5%

"Every season I am blown away by the love I have for the company, clothing, and success that I have seen Sales Reps and my Hosts achieve."

Tammy Panovich, Sales Rep, Charlotte, NC

Join The Team

After having a successful season as a Host, you then earn the opportunity to apply to become a Sales Rep! As a Sales Rep, you will build your own business while bringing the magic of Shrimp & Grits Kids into your customers’ lives through Trunk Show Parties and virtual selling.

You will gain financial independence by earning income from home (up to 18% cash from your sales!), new friendships by creating personal relationships through Host recruitment, and additional perks and rewards.

Having the opportunity to build your own business on your own terms gives you unlimited potential. Dream big and start your adventure!

“I started Shrimp & Grits Kids after I left my teaching job to stay home with my first child. I loved staying home, but needed an outlet and wanted to help contribute to the family, so Shrimp & Grits Kids was born. I envisioned Shrimp & Grits Kids as that space for other women and mothers out there who were looking for that same outlet. It is so fulfilling to work with other strong women who are growing their own business with me through Shrimp & Grits Kids!”

Megan Hewitt, Owner and Designer, Charleston, SC