Wes & Calvin Alexander - Matching Memories

The best memories are usually from time spent being present with family. Owner and designer Megan Hewitt started Shrimp & Grits Kids with this thought in mind. She has spent the last 14 years designing and creating clothing for children to make life-long memories in, and our matching Mullet Swim line is no exception.

SGK rep, Andrea Dennis shared that her brother, Wes, and nephew, Calvin wore their matching Mullet Swim trunks all summer long. Being close to water was always a special place for Wes, and he and Calvin matched while on the boat with Christine (wife) and Mollie (daughter), on vacation with their extended family, basically any time they could. Calvin was able to share in all of these activities that meant so much to his dad, and could model himself after Wes - an incredible father, husband, brother, & man.  "Anyone who knew Wes, knew that he was loving, happy and outgoing. Wes was a devoted father and an avid athlete.  He had an immense passion for his children and was always a source of joy. He was a faithful servant who had a strong relationship with the Lord, and was involved in many church and leadership activities."

Tragically, Wes passed away from a sudden heart attack on January 4th of this year. When it came time for Christine to pick a suit for Wes to be buried in, Calvin suggested the Mullet Swim suit that he had spent this past summer in making all of those cherished memories with his father. Mollie agreed that her father would have loved to wear the bathing suit, backwards hat and sunglasses - his favorite "suit" attire.

And that is exactly what Wes is buried in.

To match, Calvin also wore his "suit", and backwards hat to the funeral to be just like his awesome Dad. While maybe not the most traditional funeral attire, to two children who have just lost their father, it was the perfect way to honor Wes, and the life-long memories they shared as a family.

Shrimp & Grits Kids wanted to forever mark Wes, Calvin, MollieChristine, and Andrea by dedicating our first full family matching collection to the inspiring Alexander family. We hope you'll think of Wes and Calvin, and the amazing memories that can be created through time spent with family whenever you wear them.


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I worked with Wes at Athens Limestone Hosp. OR. for several years. He was always happy, helpful and full of life. He talked about his wife and children with a sparkle in his eyes. He was a wonderful ortho rep who will be missed. Even though I hadn’t seen him in a while, his passing really hurt me. I hope his family knows how very much he loved them.

Cheryle Elder

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful family. Much love for the Alexander family!

Susan Parker

Precious! Thank you for honoring this special family!


It’s the 1st time I ever heard of somebody being buried in a swimsuit but I totally get it. I loved Wes and miss him.. That was my friend. He had a kind and caring spirit.


Such an awesome tribute for Wes’ children to always remember. I was so proud to be his grandmother. He was a wonderful person and I miss him so much.


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