A Nod to Charleston - One of Our Best New Clothing Releases

Embrace the spirit of Charleston, SC, with our newest collection, The Charleston Collection! This beautiful new collection pays homage to the city's rich history, natural beauty, and iconic symbols.

Let's explore the heart of this collection, including our Ella Gray Goldbug dresses, the Charleston Pineapple swim and dress line, and our eco-conscious Turtle Pima pieces.

The Ella Gray Goldbug Dress - Literary Legacy on Fabric

map of the goldbug edgar allen poe

Edgar Allan Poe's stint on Sullivan's Island isn't just a footnote in history; it's the backdrop of "The Goldbug," a tale that now leaps from page to fabric in our collection.

The Goldbug Megan Girls Dress and the Goldbug Margot Womens Dress bring this story to life. The Megan Dress is a bohemian dream with picot-trimmed ruffle sleeves and a Jaipur-inspired block print, showcasing the goldbug on mint green cotton. For mothers looking to match their mini-me in style, the Margot Women’s Dress is perfect for any spring or beach adventure.

This is my new fave and just might be my favorite EVER Shrimp and Grits clothing item, EVER! It's adorable and so unique. Matching with mom never looked so good.

adorable gold bug dress on teal fabric - the charleston collection clothing release
Goldbug Megan Girls Dress
mom and daughter walking hand in hand in teal dresses down a sidewalk
Goldbug Margot Womens Dress

Charleston Pineapple - Symbol of Hospitality Turned Style Statement

charleston sc pineapple fountain
The pineapple, a symbol of southern hospitality, inspired our Charleston Pineapple Swim Collection. Experience the warmth of Charleston with the Charleston Pineapple Pocket Dress and the matching Pocket Set.

The dress features pink and white stripes, ruffle sleeves, and gingham-checked pineapple pockets, making it a delightful choice for spring and summer.

The Pocket Set mirrors this charm and includes adorable ruffle bloomers or shorts for a complete, retro-inspired look.

They're the perfect outfits to match with their sisters. And they'll look oh so adorable doing it!

adorable pink and white striped dress with a pineapple on it  - the charleston collection clothing release
Charleston Pineapple Pocket Dress
two piece pink and white striped set with a pineapple on it
Charleston Pineapple Pocket Set

Conservation Chic - Turtle Pima Play

people rescuing a sea turtle

In support of sea turtle rehabilitation by the South Carolina Aquarium, our Turtle Pima series combines fashion with purpose.

The Turtle Pima Play Dress and T-Shirt Set are crafted from the softest 100% Pima Cotton, adorned with green sea turtles on light blue fabric.

Not only are these pieces supremely comfortable, but they also carry a message of conservation and care for our marine friends.

white pima cotton shirt with a turtle on it and blue pima cotton turtle shorts  - the charleston collection clothing release
Turtle Pima T Shirt Set
light blue pima cotton dress with turtles on it - the charleston collection clothing release
Turtle Pima Play Dress
little boy laughing wearing a white tshirt with a turtle on it and lighth blue shorts with turtles

Pin Me - A Nod to Charleston - Our Charleston Collection Release

The Charleston Collection is more than just clothing; it's a narrative of history, nature, and conservation, woven into garments that speak volumes. From the literary homage of the Goldbug series to the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and the conservation efforts represented by our turtle designs, each piece is a celebration of Charleston's enduring charm.

Have you found your favorite piece yet? Dive into the Charleston Collection and wear a piece of Southern heritage with pride. Share your picks with us and join the conversation on preserving history and nature through fashion.

pinterest pin with a mom and daughter in matching outfits for the charleston release clothing collection
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