Smocked Baby Clothes for Girls

Babies and younger children have been wearing smocked clothing for generations. We're big fans of it and offer many smocked baby clothes options for boys and girls on our site. From smocked bubbles, dresses, rompers, bishops, and more, we've got you completely covered in the smocked clothing for kids' department.

Children wear smocked outfits all the time - baptisms, weddings, birthday parties, family pictures, special occasions, or everyday activities. There's something timeless and innocent about the style. There will be plenty of time to dress like an adult. Smocked outfits are worn for such a small moment in time, so we say, why not let children dress like children?

There are plenty of other reasons why smocked clothing is a great option for children. It's typically made with soft, breathable, lightweight fabrics, which helps kids stay cool during the summer. And during the winter months, layer with a sweater to keep your little one warm.

Smocked Dresses for Girls

We've got a wide variety of smocked dress sizes ranging from newborn to big girl. Some are timeless and traditional, and others are fun and whimsical.

Fun and Whimsical Smocked Dress Options

Our whimsical, custom hand-smocked 'Under the Sea' smocked mermaid dress is perfect for summer days and playdates. Of course, every little girl loves a little flair and this dress has the right amount of twirl. She'll never want to take it off!

little girl in a smocked mermaid dress

This 'Yacht Club Striped' custom smocked sailboat dress is another spring and summertime favorite! It's fun for anything by the beach or to wear on the boat. And she'll be comfy and cool all summer in the lightweight fabric.

2 little girls on the beach wearing a smocked sailboat dress

Timeless and Traditional Smocked Dresses

Our clothing is perfect for everyday wear and activities, but these smocked designs have a timeless and traditional feel.

This hand smocked floral bouquet collared dress has pink piping trim around the collar and embroidered pink flowers that create a classic vintage style looking dress.

3 kids looking in Easter baskets - Smocked Baby Clothes for Girls

Smocked Bishop Dresses

We can't leave out our sweet bishop dresses. Our rose smocked bishop dress is perfect for tea parties, dress-up play dates or any spring and summer fun! Its ruffle angel sleeves and intricate, geometric hand-smocked pink roses make it the perfect mix of classic and fun!

three little girls smiling at each other wearing smocked clothing

This favorite smocked dress screams summertime - literally! Its name is Sunny Floral Smocked Bishop, and she'll definitely get her wear out of this smocked bishop! It comes in different adorable and colorful floral prints.

little boy and little girl sitting on a boardwalk on the beach - Smocked Baby Clothes for Girls

Smocked Sets

Talk about cuteness overload! Our smocked sets are perfect for newborns up to big girls!

Smocked Tops and Bloomer Sets

When I say "I can't," I mean it! Our Pink Smocked Alligator Set is one of the cutest smocked top and bottom outfits this season. The top of this adorable two-piece cotton set has hand smocked green alligators across the front and matching green picot trimmed ruffle bloomers for little girls (12m-3t), and ruffle shorts for bigger girls (4t-8).

little boy and little girl wearing a smocked alligator set playing croquet

And then there's this precious little outfit, Floral Bouquet Set in soft, white cotton. It's a whimsical print of flower bouquets tied with periwinkle ribbons and matching pink ruffle bloomers. The pink cotton ruffle bloomers come in (12m-3t) for little girls and ruffle shorts for bigger girls (4t-8).

little girl holding a stuffed animal walking down the street wearing a smocked top and matching bottoms

This sweet outfit is perfect for your little one to wear for spring and summer adventures.

Smocked Tops and Shorts Sets

Instead of matching bloomers, we have matching shorts that are just as cute for our big girls, like this Botany Bay Embroidered Set.

2 little girls walking down the sidewalk wearing embroidered smocked clothing

What a cute little first mate she'll be! The top has two custom sailboat embroidered front pockets, coral picot trimmed double ruffle sleeves, and coral buttons on the back. The set includes coral picot trimmed ruffle bloomers for little girls (12m-3t) and ruffle shorts for bigger girls (4t-8).

The Sunny Rainbow Embroidered Set is another adorable option. A blue and white gingham check fabric with hand embroidered rainbows and cloud pockets. And the sweetest matching ruffle bloomers (2t-3t) for littler girls and ruffle shorts sized (4t-8) for our bigger girls. She'll love wearing this vintage embroidered outfit for picnics and park days!

little girl smiling and playing croquet

Smocked Bubbles for Girls

Nothing is cuter on a baby than bubbles or rompers. But smocked bubbles and rompers might just take the cake! They can stay cool, comfortable and look absolutely precious all summer.

Our Lily Pad Smocked Bubble is a classic, easy-to-wear style featuring vintage angel ruffle sleeves and leg ruffles. The hand smocked ducks and flowers make this timeless baby bubble a perfect summer staple.

Gone Crabbin' Bishop Bubble is another wardrobe staple to wear all season long. Pink and coral hand-smocked crabs are the perfect addition to this precious outfit, with angel ruffle sleeves and leg ruffles.

little girl wearing a smocked crab bubble

Perfect for dress-up occasions, picnics, or playing at the beach these spring and summer months.

Smocked Bathing Suits for Girls

The cuteness continues with our smocked bathing suits, like this Sebastian Crab Bubble Suit. I mean, super cute, right? We've got sizes from infant and toddler to little girls!

little girl and her dad on a boardwalk.  she's wearing a smocked bathing suit

This adorable outfit has a coral crab print on soft blue fabric. The top has a custom smocked top with shoulder ties and serged leg ruffles. She'll absolutely love wearing it while staying comfy at the pool or beach.

And last but not least, The Everton Bubble Swimsuit is beyond precious and the cherry on top of this smocked clothing for girls post. The top of the suit has custom smocking, charming little shoulder ties, and ruffled legs at the bottom. The fully lined material is an adorable floral print.

smocked bathing suit for summertime

Smocked Options Galore Online and In Store

We've got so many smocked outfit options for little girls (and boys) to keep them dressed to the nines all summer long.  Shop online or stop by our Mt. Pleasant store location.  Be sure to check back often as we are always adding new inventory!

Which hand smocked piece was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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