Season of Giving - Blessing Bags

Happy Holidays!  To celebrate the Season of Giving our featured story for December is centered around Blessing Bags!  Inspired by Lyla Gray, Megan Hewitt's daughter, and her class project, our team came together to make these thoughtful care packages for those in need - continued below, we've provided a list of essential items for you to make these for members of your own communities!

During the month of November, Lyla Gray and her 7th grade classmates were truly inspired by acts of selflessness, and helping others in their surrounding area. They each thought of ways to help those less fortunate, and really focused on benefiting others and how they could continue these efforts in their everyday lives.  One of the most impactful projects that they took part in was building Blessing Bags, or care packages, for homeless individuals they might encounter on any given day.


Each student volunteered to bring 20pcs of an essential item to place in each Blessing Bag. Blessing Bags included: 

First aid kit
Small Hair Brush
Mouth wash
Beanie/sock hat
Bug spray
Mints/cough drop
Snack(two items)
Water Bottle

Lyla Gray was so inspired, that she encouraged our team to also build these care packages! With consideration to just how many individuals are struggling during these difficult times, our SGK team reflected on how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to give back. With a festive touch, Megan expressed that not only would our SGK Blessing Bags be focused on providing necessary items, they would also bring some holiday joy to those receiving them by being gifted in Stockings!

Once complete, each team member walked away with a few Blessing Bag Stockings to keep in their vehicles - at the ready, so that upon meeting someone in need, they could easily spread this special blessing! 

We are excited to share this special uplifting project with all of you, and we hope that this will inspire some creative acts of giving in your own lives! 

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