Sarah, Eden, & Dougie Foster - Taking Type 1 in Stride

At 18 months old, Sarah Foster was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes like her mother, Mindy. Mindy has helped Sarah navigate this diagnosis, and guided her daughter through living with Diabetes and all that comes with it. 

The Foster's church and community helped raise money through local fundraisers, dinners, and donations to adopt a service dog for Sarah - trained to help her monitor her blood sugar and keep her safe and sound.

After 10 months of training at a facility in Nevada, Dougie joined Sarah, Eden, Stan, & Mindy as part of the Foster family in August of 2020.

Even though Dougie was tasked with monitoring Sarah's blood sugar, he started paying extra attention to Eden - Sarah's older sister. Dougie stressed over Eden so much that Stan thought they should test Eden's blood sugar just to be sure.

Dougie to the rescue!!!! Eden's blood sugar was dangerously high.  

Eden has since been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes like her sister and mom, and Dougie has certainly received extra cuddles and treats for his heroic efforts to keep his girls safe!

Now all three Foster ladies are living life with Diabetes and sharing their Type 1 journey together - and with Dougie.

To find out more about Juvenile Diabetes - signs, symptoms, or to donate to help find a cure - click here





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I’m so sorry ya’ll are going through this. These babies are so precious. Even tho we’ve never met we are cousins. God bless your family. I’m sending healing prayers from Arkansas.

Karen Mixon Copeland

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