Pima Cotton Kid's Clothing

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Pima Cotton Baby Clothing - Aka Our Pippa Collection

Did you know that we have a collection that's just for babies and young kids? Our Pippa Collection is made entirely out of soft, comfortable pima cotton. It's deigned in-house at our Shrimp and Grits Design Studio just for babies! It's absolutely precious - take a quick peak - see 😉, we told you so!

Pima cotton is such a great material to use - especially for our sweet babies - because pima cotton fibers are longer than other cotton. That makes this material super soft, breathable and stronger than cotton with shorter lengths.

This hypoallergenic material is also more durable than other cotton because of its long fibers, and it doesn't wear out and pill very easily. All of the reasons above make this the IDEAL cotton choice for babies.

Meet the Designer, Jordan - Shrimp and Grits Kids Pippa Collection

Our very own Jordan is the designer of this sweet line, and we had a little back-and-forth chat all about our Pippa Collection and how it got its roots.

Is There a Meaning Behind the Name 'Pippa'?

sweet little baby on the beach in pima cotton clothing pippa collection
*pictured - Colorful Whale Pima Romper

Not really-ha! I remember the morning I walked into work and brought up the idea to Megan about wanting to design a baby line. We brainstormed cute simple names for the line, and Pippa just stuck.

How Did You Come up With the Pippa Collection?

cute little girl with a red bow in her hair on the beach in a summer outfit
*pictured - Set Sail Pima Flowy Set

I felt like we were missing out on dressing little babies. All of our other S&GKids collections focus on toddlers and big kids. Something soft and sweet was needed for the babies!

How Would You Describe the Collection?

little girl in a summer set with a bow in her hair smiling
pictured - Ducky Pima Flowy Set

Pippa is a fun curated line that focuses light and whimsical designs. Almost all fabrics are designed in house, making the line even more special and unique.

Did You Go to School for Design?

baby walking on the beach in a shorts onesie

*pictured - Set Sail Romper

Nope, I am just lucky enough to work around and with so much talent-- some design skills rubbed off here and there-ha!

Have You Designed Any Other Collections for Shrimp and Grits?

little girl on the beach in a summer print with whales

*pictured - Colorful Whale Pima Flowy Set

No, but we all get together and like to throw our thoughts and ideas out there when it comes to all of our designs. Most of us have different styles (or opinions) so it is fun to hear what everyone has to say and how the end product turns out!

Why Did You Choose Pima Cotton?

pima cotton blanket, day gown and baby hat

*pictured 'Rosetta' - Blanket, Baby GownBaby Hat

Peruvian pima cotton is one of the softest fabrics out there. When thinking about what we would want our babies to be dressed in daily, this was it. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and helps regulate temperature- all the things you want when looking for baby clothes.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Designs?

pima cotton blanket, onesie and bib

*pictured 'Party Animal' - Blanket, Onesie, Bib

I'm a sucker for a cute pair of pjs. Our loungewear sets are something that I put my son in every night. There is something about a post-tub, clean baby, in bright white jammies with the sweetest little print. I can't say no.

Can You Tell Us a Little Bit More About You?

mom, dad and little boy

*Jordan, her husband and little boy ❤️

I have worked for Shrimp & Grits Kids going on 12 years! Wow it is crazy to say that. Straight out of college I worked for Megan and Pitts in our little Old Village Mt. Pleasant, SC shop on Pitt St. From then the company has grown into what it is today and it is amazing to see. 

We have made a few moves, but are back here on Pitt St. which is now our "Design Studio" where the magic happens. Coming in daily doesn't feel like "work," we have fun and that's what it's all about.

Have a Look at All the Adorable Clothing in The Pippa Collection

Thank you, Jordan!  She is beyond talented and we're thankful for that!  You'll love everything in this adorable collection.  They're all perfect gifts for any baby shower or new baby and their heirloom quality will have you passing them down for years!

Please Note - pjs sets and onesies run about 1-2 sizes small. Pima shrinks up to 6% when laundered.

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