doll printable outfits
Growing up, I loved spending time with my grandmother at her home on the farm. She had delicious recipes for us to cook in the kitchen and beautiful beads for us to create costume jewelry for fashion shows in the living room. Of the many creative activities she shared with me, my favorite was playing with her vintage paper doll collection. I still remember the excited feeling I had each time I opened the fabric covered box; it was like diving into the past and experiencing how life and fashion once was but at the same time realizing that even though much has changed since those good ole days, great style can always be brought back to life!
At Shrimp & Grits Kids, Owner and Designer Megan Hewitt is inspired by fashion new and old alike. She loves adding fresh, new designs to vintage styles and enjoys the creativity and imagination that flows when designing each new line. For your kids and future fashion designers, Megan has created paper doll printables to encourage them to dream big and have fun!
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