Monogrammed Kid’s Clothing Guide

flaylay of monogrammed aqua shirt and red bubble jumper

Our Monogram Process

Did you know that at Shrimp and Grits Kid’s clothing, we can monogram your items?  Yep! And, let’s face it, kid’s clothing on its own is just, well, ADORABLE.  So a monogram is a cherry on top.  Below is our super easy monogrammed kid’s clothing guide.

We've got different font and color options, but we know it can be overwhelming wondering which font and/or color to choose.  So, we did the hard work for you and set up the fonts and colors for each item!  The fonts listed on the page are the only fonts and colors available for that item.

We make it so easy for you to quickly add your monograming choices to your order.  Have a look at our quick monogram kid’s clothing guide below.

Choose font option and color.

Choose which monogram type you’d like.  

Enter first initial, middle initial and last initial and our team will arrange it appropriately for you.

All monograms will read First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial for BOTH girl and boy monograms.


Name: Jordan Lee Pitts
First:  Jordan
Middle:  Lee
Last:  Pitts

Monogrammed Kid’s Clothing Guide - example of a monogram

1 initial embroidered
Please input your details in the monogram information like below

Name:  Jordan Lee Pitts
First:  /
Middle:  /
Last:  P

Monogrammed Kid’s Clothing Guide - example of a single letter embroidery

Fonts Available This Season

Below are some of the adorable fonts we're offering this season but we do have others.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

Let us know if you have any questions at all.  And, be sure to tag us on instagram so we can see how cute your little ones look in their monogrammed outfits!


Baroque Font

baroque font monogram on bubble outfit  baroque font monogram on aqua striped bubble

Empire Font

empire font on red checked baby bubbleempire font monogrammed on white beach cover up

Library  Font

library font monogrammed on blue baby's oufit  library font monogrammed on blue check baby outfit

 Happydays Font

  happydays font monogrammed on blue tshirt with a sailboat  happydays font monogrammed on a blue check girl's dress

Stacked Library Font

stacked library font monogram on a blue checked oxford shirt -Monogrammed Kid’s Clothing Guide  stacked library font monogrammed on a seafoam green polo shirt

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