Little Liv - Let your light SHINE!

For those that do not know, October is recognized as Down Syndrome Awareness Month. To celebrate, we have chosen Liv Noble Suiter as our Grits N' Gratitude HERO OF THE MONTH!

Liv, daughter of Justin and McKenzie Suiter, is an incredibly special little girl, who just happens to have Down Syndrome. As you can see from her bigger than life smile, Liv lights up any room she enters. She works hard at her therapy all week, but when it's time to relax, her very favorite things to do are hang out with her big sister Leighton, and EAT! Please note: she loves most any food! (What in the world is your trick McKenzie and Justin?!)

This wonderful family wants us all to know that despite being born with Down Syndrome, Liv is just like any other child. She may take a bit longer to reach those developmental milestones, but she will get there - she's a determined and big personality in a tiny little body! 

Every day Liv is so excited to come home from therapy and show off her new learned skills to those in her family and community! 

As mom McKenzie said, “Many people think Down syndrome is this dark scary thing and it is our hope to show everyone how completely wrong that is! Anyone who has ever met Liv can attest to the light that shines from inside of her. She, and Leighton, are the joy of our lives.” 

Thank you for being our Grits N' Gratitude HERO OF THE MONTH, Liv!

To learn more about Down Syndrome, please go to The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network


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