“Easter egg hunts are proof that your kids can find things when they really want to!”
One of my favorite traditions during the Easter holiday is taking my daughter to the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Isle of Palms. Hundreds of eggs are hidden and scattered across the beautiful oceanic grounds of the local park. It is so much fun to watch the children run with excitement in search for sweet treats and the lucky golden egg!
This Easter, we all will be celebrating a little differently. Egg Hunts have been cancelled and church services are online. Easter brunch will be delivered and family gatherings will take place virtually. As we embrace this new normal, time spent at home allows us to think outside of the box for new and creative ideas for family fun.
For a twist on the classic egg hunt, we have created two unique scavenger hunts for you to include in your Easter activities at home. Each scavenger hunt has clues for kids to follow and an answer sheet for you to determine the winners. Have fun and Happy Easter!
How To:
1. Purchase plastic eggs
2. Click HERE for our Free Printables
3. Choose your scavenger hunt: indoor or outdoor
4. Print the clues
5. Print the answer sheet
6. Cut out each clue
7. Number the eggs
8. Clue #1 is the START (do not put this clue in an egg)
9. Stuff the eggs starting with clue #2 in egg #1 and so on
10. Use the answer sheet to hide the eggs
11. Give your kids Clue #1 and let the fun begin!
Click HERE for Free Printables
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