Each weekday morning, Shrimp & Grits Owner and Designer Megan Hewitt hops on her vintage bicycle with her art supply bag on shoulder and hot green tea in basket. She makes her way to her design studio through the historic Old Village on cobblestone pathways and streets shaded by moss draped oak trees and framed by swaying palmetto trees. She waves to neighbors as they rock in chairs on their front porches and says good morning to the postman as he walks to each front door to deliver the mail. She takes in the sweet smells of the beautiful, blooming magnolias and hears the silly squawks of the seagulls as they soar through the sky on an ocean breeze. She loves to ride to work each day through the sights, sounds, and natural beauty of the low country and feels grateful and blessed to get to experience nature at its best.
Today, we celebrate Earth Day! We get outside to explore and experience the great outdoors and the many adventures it brings. In honor of this special day, Megan has created a fun Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. She has hand-painted symbols, some of which you may recognize from her clothing line, that represent things you can find while exploring your backyards, neighborhoods, and nature trails. It is a great exercise and science activity for your little ones who are eager for excitement while schooling at home.
So, print the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt, grab a pencil, and watch your kids learn and play on a day that celebrates the goodness that nature provides. Happy Earth Day!
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